ARE Surveying Consultants, Inc. has been providing land surveying services since 2007. Based in Beech Grove, Indiana, ARE is dedicated to providing top-quality service at a competitive price. Our staff has a very wide variety of experience, and our Registered Land Surveyor has worked previously on surveys in Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida.

As land use and development issues become more complex, the land surveyor’s public responsibility as an expert in measurement and property boundaries becomes ever more important, and our clients must be able to rely on the accuracy and reliability of our products. The staff at ARE operates on the philosophy that accuracy comes first and will never be sacrificed, especially in the interests of time or profit.

We also feel it is important to provide our clients with complete surveying solutions. Land surveying is a very specialized field, and clients sometimes only have a limited idea of what services they need to accomplish their goal. Our knowledge and experience give us the foresight to ask the right questions of our clients and to make certain the final product they receive will indeed fulfill their needs. We welcome questions from our clients; we want you to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it.

We want all of our clients to know they are working with a firm that cares about them, has their needs in mind, and is committed to performing quality work at a value price.

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