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  Topographic Surveys
Raybourn Ditch at MacGregor Road, Indianapolis, IN

Engineers and architects need to know the “lay of the land” in order to design roads, bridges, utilities, subdivisions, commercial buildings, and residences. This usually includes the locations of existing utilities, storm and sanitary sewers, as well as information concerning the size and flow characteristics of streams and other bodies of water on or affecting the project site.

The staff at ARE has performed hundreds of topographic surveys for other firms, on such varied sites as the banks and bed of the Tennessee River, existing road topography for several U.S., state, and county highways, and other large- and small-scale surveys for various residential and commercial properties, using both conventional and GPS methods. Our staff’s former clients have included the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Indiana Department of Transportation, and several engineering companies throughout the eastern United States.

At ARE we believe topographic surveys should not only meet United States National Map Accuracy Standards, but should actually “look real”, without the unnatural-looking contours that one often sees on surveys. We take the time in the field to collect enough data to accurately reflect the actual contours of the site, and in the office we use our experience to prepare drawings that appeal to the eye as well as reflect existing conditions. We know that our topographic surveys will eventually be a part of our clients’ design plans, and should reflect the same standard of quality and readability that our clients expect of their own documents.

Link: United States National Map Accuracy Standards