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  Residential Boundary (Staked) Surveys

Performing a residential boundary survey, Indianapolis, IN

Homeowners need their property surveyed for a variety of reasons. They may be installing a fence, adding a garage or other outbuilding to their property, or there may be a dispute with a neighbor concerning the location of the property line. For any of the above situations, and a host of others, there is no substitute for a boundary survey.

Our land surveyor has been licensed to practice since 1998 and continually keeps his knowledge of the laws, regulations, and legal principles involving land boundaries up to date through continuing education classes and seminars. He has performed literally thousands of boundary surveys on properties of all sizes and values, from small town lots to big-city commercial properties, to farm surveys involving hundreds of acres.

A boundary survey is the professional opinion of the land surveyor. While surveyors can sometimes disagree as to the location of a boundary line, experience shows that a disagreement is usually based on a lack of information on the part of one of the parties, and in the majority of cases two surveyors given the same information concerning a property line will come to the same conclusion. At ARE we work to gather all the available data, both in the field and from public records, so that our conclusions are based the firmest possible foundation. Sometimes this means long hours looking at old deeds at the county courthouse or searching for a marked stone set a hundred years ago to mark a neighbor’s property line. While most residential lot surveys do not require this level of effort, you can be confident that any boundary survey prepared by ARE is backed up by extensive research, thorough field work, and expert analysis.

What about Mortgage Surveys?

The “mortgage survey” (technically a Surveyor Location Report) that most homeowners are given as part of their mortgage documents is prepared strictly for the benefit of the company that prepared the title insurance policy, based on very limited measurements, and is allowed by Indiana law to be in error by as much as a foot in any direction. For this reason, most fence companies will not install a fence without an actual boundary survey, and mortgage surveys carry no weight in most court cases involving land boundaries. While Surveyor Location Reports do have a useful role in the lending process, they are rarely of any practical use to the homeowner.

It is worth repeating: there is no substitute for a boundary survey.

Indiana Law Governing Land Survey Standards - Indiana Administrative Code, Title 865