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Construction Staking

Country Club Road Reconstruction, Bloomington, IN

After a design for a road, bridge, or building is completed and approved, construction companies need accurate staking in order to properly place these improvements on the property. This includes not only the locations of buildings, roads, and utilities, but also the precise elevations of these structures. Construction is a complicated process, and the order in which improvements are built can seem almost random to those unfamiliar with the process. But in the end, all of the pieces must come together to create the finished product envisioned by the designer.

The staff of ARE has worked on many different construction staking projects, both in the field setting the stakes and in the office calculating the necessary points and coordinating with contractors. We know what questions to ask contractors in order to give them the most useful information in the field, and our staff has the know-how to find effective solutions to difficult construction staking problems. We can also provide Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) of construction plans for use in GPS heavy equipment grading applications.

If work is delayed through weather or other circumstances beyond our control, ARE will coordinate closely with the contractor to reschedule in such a way that the overall delay in the project will be minimized, working on weekends if the situation warrants.

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